Hole-In-The-Rock Photoshoot

HEY! I'm Sarah. This is my "journal" blog where I share my photography insights + van life experience + travel tips. Let's get right into Papago Park If you haven't visited Arizona yet (It was my first time), it is a beautiful, unique state. The terrain is very diverse and we haven't even seen it all! We have spent almost three weeks exploring Pheonix and Its surrounding cities. So let's get right into Papago Park!

One of my favorite spots near Scottsdale was Papago Park. There is SO much to explore, that you could spend a day or two there. We first started with a sunrise session for a client at Hole-In-The-Rock. It is a short trail (.3 mile) with some natural stairs up to the literal hole in the rock that overlooks the city + the park. I would 10/10 recommend going during sunrise to avoid crowds. When we went at 7 am there were about 7-10 people, but by 10 am there were WAY more! (check out this gallery on my website)

After the session, we went back to the van to eat breakfast + get some coffee with hopes to walk back to the rock to get photos for ourselves. Like I mentioned above, by 10 AM it was already so crowded!

It wasn't worth it to us to wait to get a shot for ourselves. SO we decided to go for a walk around the park instead! While on the walk we found an oasis community finishing pond with a view of the hole-in-the-rock (see photo to the left).

Adventure female at hole in the rock trail Arizona

PRO TIP: If you plan your trip on the second Tuesday of the month, you can check out the desert botanical garden for FREE on their "community day". (Reservations are required so get tickets online.) We went at 4 PM and it wasn't too crowded, but around 5 PM it was getting very crowded for sunset.

The zoo is also in the same park, but we did not get the chance to check it out.

Adventure female at Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona