Wherever you are, botanical gardens are usually such a great location for photos, to learn and be in nature, or just to enjoy! The Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona is no different.


Fun fact: I have never been to Arizona, so it was my first time seeing these LARGE beautiful cacti everywhere!

We went on Community Day (aka a free entry into the park). Community day is on the second Tuesday of every month anytime during the day. Reservations are required, so make sure you get tickets beforehand! You can get tickets here.


On our visit to the garden, we went at 4 PM to hit golden hour at sunset. The first hour was great, but it got very busy around 5:30 PM once people started to get off work. It was manageable to still get beautiful photos until about 6 PM, then I would say that it was much more difficult to work around the crowd (check out some photos below).

Codee really enjoyed the historical loop where we read about the indigenous people and how they gardened and lived in their small towns. (He's such a nerd, I love it).

Overall, it was a beautiful garden worth visiting on Community Day! 

Photoshoot in Arizona Botanical Garden
Desert Botanical Garden Arizona Cacti
Couples photography in arizona
Evening moon photo in arizona