Untethered Journeys

Traveling Adventure Elopement Photographers

Why Untethered Journeys?

We have joined an amazing team, with more resources than ever, to capture your adventurous elopement day. We will be Colorado, PNW, + Texas-based with the ability to fly or drive to your desired location!

We are an elopement photographer & field expert team traveling the world for love. When you hire us, you are getting so much more than just a wedding photographer. You’re getting a tour guide and destination planner, cheerleaders, besties, personal assistants, cargo caddies, and adventure pals!

If you are interested in hiring us to be your adventure pals, checkout the Untethered Journeys website and Instagram page.

Sarah Sanford, Photographer and Owner of Sanford Photo & Film

Brit Nicole, Award Winning Photographer and Owner of Untethered Journeys

Codee Sanford, Elopement Planner and Videographer