Sunee's Layout

As you may know, there are MANY ways to design a van. The layout options are endless and can be fit to meet your priorities and needs. That is one of the main reasons we wanted to build our own tiny home. Some questions we asked ourselves were:

  • fixed or convertible bed
  • built in shower, pop up shower, or outdoor shower
  • composting or portable toilet
  • open concept or more storage
  • open cab or closed cab
  • how much garage space
  • what are necessities were to pack

There's so many more questions we asked, but there were some main ones! So what did we decide on? Let me show you!

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We chose a convertible high bed! This gave us open space to host friends, work on rainy days, and more garage space.

We love it, and wouldn't have it any other way. Check out some of the products we use: bedroom gadgets

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When relaxing with the back doors open, we don't always have the table up. We call this "couch mode"! It creates open space to move around and relax!

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Since we built a convertible bed, this is our handmade faux concrete table! This is one of Sarah's FAVORITE parts of the van because she handmade it. Check out how we added a faux concrete table on our Instagram.

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Food Storage

We have a 3.1 cu. ft. mini-fridge from Master Chef. It has a split fridge/freezer, which we chose to avoid dealing with the ice build-up. We love our fridge and wouldn't pick anything else! And it was only $199!

We store our dry foods in our "pantry", which consists of two upper cabinets above our large countertop. There is plenty of space for everything we need, especially because we aren't stockpiling or storing many goods.

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We chose a very open concept with large countertops. This was very important to Sarah for two reasons. ( 1 ) To make it feel as big as it can be in a tiny home and ( 2 ) lots of room for cooking or doing laundry! Check out our kitchen gadgets.

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We store our toiletries in two of our four upper cabinets. We have a "vanity" upper that is directly above the sink, as well as a secondary upper on the other side by the bed. We thought we could hold in all in the vanity upper, but unfortunately, we had to shrink that upper during the build.

In regards to where we go potty...ewww...a portable toilet was the best decision for our layout. It was less of a priority to us than other decisions we had to make for the design. But thankfully we found one that fit right in our pop-up shower bench! Check out our bathroom gadgets.

Pro tip: You should ALWAYS be prepared to be flexible while building a tiny home.

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One of Codee's favorite parts of the build is our pop-up shower! We built a custom shower pan with tile into a bench. The bench by the door was a huge priority for him so we would have more seating in the van. Check out our shower gadgets for how we convert the bench into a shower.

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Swivel Seat

Our newest addition to our tiny home is our THE SWIVEL SHOP swivel seat! We have wanted one of these since the beginning but wasn't a necessity to us. Unfortunately, budget cuts didn't allow us to get one. Thanks to our friends Colby + Eric with Engineers Who Van Life, we were given one with their 10K giveaway! The Swivel Shop has the BEST of the BEST swivels and we are SO thankful for our friends for blessing us with one!

Please go check them out: Engineers who van life

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