Engagement of T + J

 Coon Bluff Rd, Mesa, AZ 8521

When booking a session with me, you receive not only romantic, timeless photos but an experience. I chose this location for T + J to experience a gorgeous sunrise, be secluded from large crowds, and have the potential to take engagements next to wild horses!

This location is one of the number one spots to see wild horses, but I was told if you go in the evening there is a better chance! This and a few nearby recreational areas have created a safe place for the horses to roam around the land.

Unfortunately, we didn't see any this morning during the session BUT the sunrise was SO bright (as you can see from the pink hue of the photos) and it hit the mountains just right for a gorgeous sight next to the Salt River!

There's even a large wall to go climbing if you bring your gear :D

If you are looking for an engagement photographer, consider someone who will be there from the start. They will celebrate you through it all and will help you have the wedding photo + film you desire!

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Engagement photo at coon bluff Arizona
Engagement photo couples photos at Coon Bluff Arizona
Black and white engagement image overlooking mountain at Coon Bluff Arizona
Engagement Photography At Coon Bluff Arizona